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  NetSE Laboratory Description

The Networking and Software Engineering Laboratory (NetSELab) supports research on Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Pervasive (Ubiquitous) Computing, Mobile Computing, Distributed Systems, and Computer Networking.

The studies actually started in 1997 at TÜBİTAK-UEKAE by Dr. Gümüşkaya, and continued in universities and R&D departments of companies by Dr. Gümüşkaya, his students and colleagues since 2002 .

Pervasive Computing refers to the trend that we as humans interact no longer with one computer at a time, but rather with a dynamic set of small networked computers, often invisible and embodied in everyday objects in the environment. This figure shows how research problems in pervasive computing relate to those in mobile computing and distributed systems.

We currently strive to advance the state-of-the-art in Networking including Cloud Computing and Data Science, and Software Engineering and to create new computing experiences and networking paradigms with mobile, pervasive, personal, and embedded devices using modern software engineering principles.
We emphasize both analytical (theory and simulation) and empirical approaches, and build actual systems to validate theoretical results and refine system principles from experimental work.  (Look at our research cycle figure).

Current research topics include:

bullet Software Engineering Practice and Project Management: Personal, Team and Organization Processes and Techniques to Build High Quality Software Products
bullet Cloud Computing (picture description) (wikipedia), Cloud Programming (MapReduce, Hadoop, ...), Cloud Big Data Processing Systems and Analytics
bullet Data Science
bullet Parallel Computing (PC) (General) and some specific areas in PC such as Multicore Computing
bullet Internet of Things
bullet Embedded Systems and FPGA Based Systems
bullet Security
bulletHalûk Gümüşkaya

    Former Members

  Available Research Assistantships

Many of the NetSELab projects (old list) have several research assistantships available. Most of the research projects are targeted for Master or Ph. D. students, thus requiring continuous study for 2-4 years. Exceptions may be made in the cases of highly qualified undergraduate students with skills matching specific project needs.

We are looking for graduate, MS and PhD (in the near future), and undergraduate students as research partners for the NetSELab Research Team. If you are interested in the  in networking and software engineering areas please stop by.

We are looking for enthusiastic students with imagination and who are good at four core practices [innovating, modeling, programming, and systems thinking] and in networking and software engineering areas.

bulletAcademic Resources and Publications
bullet Research Groups and Labs
bullet Computer Networks References (1)
bulletComputer Networks References (2)
bulletSoftware Engineering References


   Software Engieering
bullet COM 401 Software Engineering
bullet COM 101 Introduction to Programming
bullet COM 102 Object Orietend Programming
bulletCOM 570 Software Analysis and Design
bullet CENG 217 Object Oriented Design
bullet CENG 535/410 Design Patterns
bullet CENG 530 Software Design Methodology
bullet CENG 531 Advanced Software Engineering

Cloud Computing and Data Science
bullet COM 444 Cloud Computing
bullet COM 448 Cloud Big Data Systems and Analytics
bullet COM 451 Data Mining
bulletCOM 521 Applied Data Science and Machine Learning



COM 362 Computer Networks

bullet COM 440 Distributed Systems
bullet CENG 564/463 Network Programming
bullet CENG/BILM 465 Mobile and Wireless Networking
bullet CENG 577 Advanced Services in Communications

  Computer Hardware Engineering
bullet EEE 251 Logic Design and Circuits
bullet COM 252 Computer Organization
bullet COM 353 Microprocessors
bulletSMY 532 Embedded Systems




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