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This page provides readings and some references on Mobile and Wireless Networking.


I'll be adding academic papers, white papers, technical documents and addresses during the semester to this page. Some of them will be optional readings.


The master students normally will read at least one paper each week whereas the undergraduate students will read in a biweekly period. They may be assigned to read different papers.


The papers will be posted for a weekly basis. When new papers are posted, the old ones will be deleted from the server.

1. Introduction to Mobile and Wireless Networking

  1. D. Cox, Wireless Personal Communications: What is It?, IEEE Personal Communications Magazine, April 1995, pp. 20-35.

  2. G. Forman and J. Zahorjan, The Challenges of Mobile Computing, IEEE Computer, April 1994, pp. 38-47.

  3. New to Wireless Technology, IBM.

  4. Wireless LAN resources for Linux, Jean Tourrilhes, Open Source project sponsored by Hewlett Packard since 1996, and built with the contribution of many Linux users all over the world.  Wireless LAN Technology Overview

  5. Networking Links Excellent collection of links related to TCP/IP.

  6. Chapter 1 of the text book.

  7. Wireless Home Networking for Dummies, D. Briere,W. R. Bruce III, and P. Hurley, Wiley, 2003.

2. Wireless Transmission (Physical Layer)

  1. The Radio Modem (physical layer), Jean Tourrilhes.


  1. Ethereal, The popular network protocol analyzer having support for 530 protocols.

  2. Etheral-Users, problems and solutions

  3. Idiot's Guide to Network Analysis Capturing packets using Ethereal and information about ARP.


  1. Fourier Series Synthesis: An excellent visualization tool for Fourier series.

  2. Johns Hopkins Signals Demonstrations: Another source of visualization tools.

  3. Math and Physics Applets: Yet another source of visualization tools.

   Spread Spectrum

  1. Spread Spectrum Scene: Excellent source of information, including technical papers, links, and an online magazine.

  2. Office of Spectrum Managment: Responsible for managing the U.S. Federal Government's use of the radio frequency spectrum. There are many informative features on this Web site, including documents, links, and a frequency allocation chart.  U.S. Frequency Allocation Chart: Chart plus background paper.

  3. Telekomünikasyon Kurumu

  4. Radyo ve Televizyon Üst Kurulu (RTÜK)


  1. About Antennas Good source of information and links.

3. Medium Access Control (Link Layer)

  1. A. Chandra et al, Wireless Medium Access Protocols, IEEE Communications Surveys, 2000.

  2. The MAC level (link layer), Jean Tourrilhes.

4. (Wireless) Telecommunication Systems

  1. GSM World: Information about GSM technology and services.

  2. Qi Bi et al., Wireless Mobile Communications at the Start of the 21th Century, IEEE Communications, January 2001.

  3. Johan De Vriendt, Mobile Network Evolution, A Revolution on the Move, IEEE Communications, April 2002.

5. Wireless LAN 802.11

  1. Wireless LAN Association: Gives an introduction to the technology, including a discussion of implementation considerations, and case studies from users. Links to related sites.

6. Wireless Personal Area Networks (PANs) and Bluetooth

  1. The Next Wave Of Wireless: Exploring Bluetooth Technology, John Johnson, April 2001.

  2. Bluetooth: Technology for Short-Range Wireless Apps, Pravin Bhagwat, IEEE Internet Computing, June 2001.

7. Mobile Network Layer

8. Mobile Transport Layer

9. Application Support and Mobile Applications

  1. M. Satyanarayanan, Pervasive Computing: Vision and Challenges, IEEE Personal Communications, August 2001.

  2. Tom La Porta et al, Challenges for Nomadic Computing: Mobility Management and Wireless Communications, ACM/Baltzer Journal on Mobile Networking and Applications, 1 (1), 1996.

  3. C. Mascolo, L. Capra and W. Emmerich, "Middleware for Mobile Computing (A Survey)", In Advanced Lectures on Networking - Networking 2002 Tutorials, Pisa, Italy. volume 2497 of LNCS, pages 20-58, Springer Verlag. May 2002.

  4. Wireless Developer Network: News, tutorials, and discussions on wireless topics.

10. Introduction to Wireless Programming with J2ME

  1. Getting Started With MIDP

  2. Introduction to Mobility Java Technology

  3. A Survey of J2ME Today, C. Enrique Ortiz November 2002.

  4. Wireless Development Tutorial Part I, Part II Jonathan Knudsen and Dana Nourie September 2003.

  5. Bill Day's J2ME Archive Archive information on developing applications and services written for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition powered devices, including related technologies such as JTWI, MIDP, CLDC, and the KVM.

11. Developing Bluetooth Applications using Java

  1. JSR-82 Java APIs for Bluetooth Specification 1.0 Final Release.

  2. Developing Applications with the Java APIs for Bluetooth (JSR-82), SonyEricsson, January 2004.

  3. Benhui Web Site, Source for J2ME Bluetooth Mobile 3D MIDP 2.0.

  4. Connecting PC and Phone with Java Bluetooth API.

  5. Bluetooth for Java B. Hopkins and R. Antony, Apress, 2003. Web site

  6. Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS: A Developer’s Guide to MIDP 2.0, (Chapter: Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology) Martin de Jode, Symbian Ltd, 2004.

  7. Bluetooth Application Developer's Guide, D. Kammer, G. McNutt, B. Senese, J. Bray, Syngress Publishing, 2002.

12. Wireless Sensor Networks

  1. Ian Akyildiz et al., A Survey on Sensor Networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, August 2002.


Other References


Communications Systems Tutorials  The tutorials from the International Engineering Consortium website. Useful background reading on the PSTN and the (Advanced) Intelligent Network, as well as a telephone-centric view of data and voice network convergence.


Telephone Technology Webpage

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