CENG 302 Design Project



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Seager  Esma Yıldırım
 Esra Hallaç
 Reyhan Küçük
 Gülsüm Küçükakyüz
 Sibel Küçüköner
 Ayşe Olca
XP (Main) + MSF  Here


HSS (Home Security System)  Adem Delibaş
 Ahmet Volkan Gürel
 Ayşe Betül Gülbağcı
 Melek Oktay
RUP (Main) + XP  Here


(Pattern Oriented Software Pathfinder with J2ME)
 İbrahim Çandır
 Hüseyin Hakkoymaz
 Bora Yurday
 Abidin Sornaoğlu
 Hakan Güngör
MSF  Here


PIS (Personal Information Services)  Ömer Doğan
 Hakan Cengiz
 Remzi Ersavaş
 Ebubekir Debreşli
 Fazıl Emre Genç
MSF  Here


ZYLOS  Maxim Shylov
 Sönmez Serkan Söğüt
 Furkan Horasan
 Hakan Aktaş
 Akif Keçeci
RUP  Here


XML Editor  Arzu Naiboglu
 Hilye Banu Pala
 Elif Kentel
 Alper Ferit Aka
MSF  Here


PacCell  Avnullah Kançura
 Tarık Akbaba
 Selim Demir
 Mehmet Özdoğan
 Erkan Güner
MSF + XP  Here


2M - MicroMedia  Nasif Ekiz
 Muhammed Mamedov
 Mustafa Aslan
 Muhammed Emin Iris
 Korhan Dinçer
XP (Main) + MSF  Here


OMENCELL  Nesrin Bayrak
 Neslihan Gürtuna
 Ayşe Suvarierel
MSF + XP  Here


GAP (Green house Automaition Project )  Necmi Göcek
 Yakup Emre Kucur
 Selman Göktaş
 Osman Şeker
 Dağhan Erkavun
RUP (Main) + MSF  Here


ofEEE  Mehmet Emin Işık
 Fatih Sarı
 Ender Koca
 Emrah Özdemir
 Osman Serdar Duymaz
MSF  Here

bullet Project Proposal

The following describes what is expected in the (simplest) Initial Project Proposal. It is also hoped that this will help in the selection and definition of your project. You can follow the outline given below.

Overview of the Proposal

Briefly state the topic chosen, why it is of interest, the goals, and how you intend to carry this out. This should be a short paragraph of about 4-5 sentences.

Background and Motivation

Describe the chosen area, which should be fairly narrowly defined, giving a few references to relevant work (if known). This description should be terse and at a high technical level (e.g. do not spend time defining technical terms used). Next give reasons why the area is of current interest to the technical community in general and to you in particular. Finally, list (at least three) potential problems which merit further investigation. (Note: your project need not necessarily advance the state of the art, but it must advance the state of your knowledge and skills.)

Proposed Project

Describe in some detail the problem which you have chosen to attack and the reasons for its importance in relation to the other problems, if any, listed above. Describe your proposed method of investigation. Give some convincing reasons why you believe you will be able to complete the project as proposed by the end of the semester. A division of the work into phases with a timetable for completion of the phases would be helpful (These phases are distinct from the parts described in the course overview handed out earlier). It is better to propose a modest project and complete it successfully by the end of the semester than to make a vague or grandiose proposal which you are unable to complete.

Expected Results

Describe as specifically as possible the results which you expect to obtain. Give an outline of the design which you think will solve the problem at hand. State what you think your project protoype and experiments will show. The objective of this portion at this stage is to get you to focus your thinking somewhat, based what you can do so you have something to say at the end of the project.


You should be able to include some Internet or other references at this stage to relevant research papers or background articles. The style of references follow that used in some recognized Computer Science academic publication, such as the IEEE Computer, ACM Computing Surveys, CACM, etc.


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