NetSE Lab





The NetSE Lab uses the facilities of Computer Networks Lab and Wireless Networks Lab . The lab is currently equipped with a variety of networking equipment, high-end computers and notebooks, and a number of supporting peripherals.

The Computer Networks Lab is a miniature version of the Internet. The available equipment is sufficient to emulate many traffic scenarios found on the real Internet and to teach TCP/IP protocols and data communication to students, and to give them hands-on experience on networking. The lab has modular Internet rack equipment. Each rack has 4 Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Routers, a 3Com switch, 4 PCs as internet hosts, 4 switches, 1 KVM switch and its set (LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse), cables and connectors. One set of rack equipment is used by 4 students in lab experiments.
Currently there are 5 racks in the lab, and since the design of the lab is modular and scalable, it can be easily extended if it is needed in the future

The Wireless Networks Lab has also has an Internet rack, computers, indoor and outdoor access points and antennas, notebooks, mobile devices like Pocket PCs (IPAQs like hw6515, h6340), smart mobile phones (like SonyEricsson P990), GSM/GPRS/GPS/802.11/Bluetooth devices and modems, wireless development kits, Sensors Networks Teaching Lab Equipment (Crossbow
Mote Sensor Kits), Dallas DS80C400 (DSTINIm400) Networked Microcontroller Evaluation Kits, ... 


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