CENG 217 Design Project




This page provides dynamic information and materials for the project, as it becomes available; please check it at least once in a week.


Important Deadlines for Projects: (late reports and demos will not be accepted)
Draft Project Report Submission
and First Demo: 9 January 2003, Thursday
Get your first reports back: 10 January 2002, Friday, after 15:00
Final Project Report Submission: 15-1
6 January 2003
Project Lab Demos:
16-17 January 2003


Use the Project Report Template for your term project report. Just copy your previous document paragraphs and paste special (Unformatted Text) into the Project Report Template. Do not make any format changes to the original template. (3/January/2003).


All project teams must submit their updated project reports on Mondays. You will get your reports back in the next project meeting hour on Tuesdays. You will also show your working prototype program on Mondays and Tuesdays (26/December/2002).


Look at the Software Design and Documentation page (18/December/2002).


You should prepare your project proposal using the Project Vision template given on page 53 of Java&UML.

bulletProject communication: Weekly: you have to
(1) update your project report that you will submit at the end of this semester.
(2) talk to me on tuesdays about your project progress.
(3) show the development process of your project in the lab.


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