Java Main Sources
bullet   The source for Java technology
bullet Sun Microsystems  and  Java Computing  Sun's Java technology  
bullet JavaOne Conferences
bullet The Source for Java Technology Collaboration
bullet Sun Downloads
  General Java Links
bullet Java Programming Resources  Good starting point for general java research
bullet   Java articles, tutorials, news, discussions, and more
bullet Java Guru   Your view of the Java universe
bullet Cafe au Lait  Elliotte Rusty Harold Online (Java Network Programming) Updated frequently.
bullet Java FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions about Java
bullet Object-Oriented Language: Java / General
  Java Tutorials
bullet Sun's Tutorials & Short Courses
bullet Sun's Java Tutorial
bullet Brewing Java: A Tutorial, Elliotte Rusty Harold
  Java Development IDEsetus Links- 18595 Links on Objects and Components
bulletJava IDEs
bullet JBuilder    CodeGear Developer Network
bullet Eclipse
bullet IntelliJ IDEA
  Java  APIs
bullet Java API Spefications
bullet Java SE   Java ME   Java EE
bullet RMI Home Page    RMI Plug-in for Eclipse
bullet Java SE Database
bullet Security
bullet Java Management
bullet Java Telephony
  Java Online Magazines
bullet Java Developer's Journal Daily
bullet JavaWorld
bullet The Java Boutique: The Ultimate Java Resource
bullet Java Report Online
  Java Network Programming
bullet Sun's Java Tutorial: Custom Networking  Contains an excellent discussion of Java networking issues
bullet Software Technologies  Many links related to Java Networking
bullet Java Network Programming FAQ David Reilly 
bullet Concurrent Programming in Java

  University Courses

bullet Roger Whitney's Courses, San Diego State University 
bullet Concurrent Programming Using Java, Drexel University, Philadelphia
bullet CS544: Distributed Software Systems Development

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